How To Prepare For Culinary School

Find our top tips on how to prepare for culinary school. We provide culinary training in Vancouver with 4 intakes/year. Take your culinary career to a new level.

Congratulations if you’ve decided to take the next step in your culinary career! Going to a top culinary school is an exciting time to learn and focus on the preparation of food. 

You’ve made the big decision, been through the application process, and are now turning your attention to attending your culinary training in Vancouver, Canada. Here are our top tips on how to prepare for your culinary school journey.

Brush up on Cooking and Baking Terms

You may feel more confident starting on your first day if you have an understanding of professional cooking language. Knowing terms such as “mise en place” or mirepoix will make you more comfortable in your training program. You can also learn the roles in a professional kitchen, memorize the 5 mother sauces and know your stocks from your broths.

Have an Open Goal

You may have some idea what roles you want to pursue after cooking school, or you might be still exploring the possibilities. Either way, having some idea in mind of the direction you want to go or the career path you want to pursue but, it’s helpful to be open to possibilities. Through your culinary training, you may discover an area you thrive in or you may meet someone that inspires you to go in a different direction than you expected.

Your Main Focus is Culinary School

While you’re learning new food preparation techniques and dishes, you won’t have a lot of time outside of chef school. Prepare for this accordingly by taking care of anything you can so that you can focus on your education and training while in school.

Start Mastering Knife Skills

You’ll learn culinary skills in your classes, but you can start to chop herbs and practice julienning vegetables. Knife skills can take some time to master so as soon as you start getting comfortable with your knives the better and safer, you’ll be.

Find Inspiration Online or in Books

Follow blogs, vlogs, or chefs that inspire you. Try out some recipes from the latest cookbooks. Pay attention to food trends that are happening. Look at how food is plated and served when you go out. These will all serve to inspire your creativity that will serve you well in the kitchen.

Get Kitchen Experience

A part-time or summer job in a kitchen is a great way to gain food service experience. Even if you aren’t cooking, you will be learning routines that take place in a kitchen and pick up other valuable skills you. This experience will provide you with an advantage once you graduate.

Culinary Training in Vancouver

When you’re ready to attend a school of culinary arts, contact our admissions team at 1-800-416-4040 or in the Vancouver area at 604-734-4488 to learn more about our professional programs and our admission requirements. We have places for both domestic and international students. The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts has a 6-month full-time Culinary Arts program and a Baking & Pastry Arts program along with a one-year Grand Diploma and a Grand Diploma with Co-op designed for international students. 

We’re here to answer any questions that you have. With multiple intakes throughout the year, we’re ready for you!