Cooking Classes and Food Trends for 2022

Explore cooking classes and food trends for 2022. We have cooking classes for professional diploma programs so you can get started on a career you’re passionate about.

It’s always exciting to discover the latest food trends that engages people’s imagination. In our professional culinary and baking & pastry diploma programs, our students explore the newest food sensations in our cooking classes. Here are just a few of the food trends we expect to see in 2022. 

Shopping Local

This food trend continues to grow as we become more focused on the communities we live in. Our cooking school on Granville Island gives us access to a local farmer’s market and local artisan food producers. More and more people are seeing the advantages of supporting their local communities and independent suppliers.

Food Sustainability

Sustainability in food looks at the whole process from crop planting to using every part of a vegetable or animal in preparing food. Our professional diploma programs focus on teaching student chefs about food sustainability, farm-to-table, and zero-waste in cooking classes they take as part of their program. Reducing food waste is a particular area of focus.

Gardening and Urban Farming

Younger Canadians are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables. Millennials and Generation Z (those currently 41 or younger) love plants and are turning to urban and small space farming to supply food for their meals and beverages. 

Cocktail gardens are full of fresh herbs to make botanical cocktails. Growing can be done anywhere - patio space, balcony, community gardens, or yards. Gardening helps with costs, can improve mental health, is good for the environment, and produces nutritious food. All good reasons to jump on this trend. 

Ancestral Eats

A focus on heritage and cooking from ancestral roots, has become a trending area. This also follows the nostalgia trend of home-cooked meals and comfort foods (sourdough bread anyone?). Home cooks have been delving into their pasts to create dishes their grandparents used to make.

Food Experiences

Whether at home or at a restaurant, we’ve learned the importance of spending time with others. This often revolves around sharing food and conversation. Dinner parties are also set to trend with people excited to entertain others they haven’t been able to comfortably for a while. To explore this trend, you may look at taking cooking classes or food-making classes alone or with friends and family. 

Familiar Sweets and Treats

In recent years we’ve seen trends around the cronut, cake pops, and sourdough bread. Unusual and elaborate cakes may be the next tempting trend. One of the food-making classes students take in our Bakery & Pastry Arts diploma is designing a celebration cake. See some photos here

We are also seeing dessert charcuterie boards, yuzu fruit, chocolate with a bit of spice, adding botanical flavours such as rose or hibiscus, ruby and golden chocolate, and hidden surprise celebration cakes all trending.

Familiar and retro favourites will also make appearances such as smores and peanut butter chocolate pie. Nostalgia hits in this category too with a return to baked goods grandma used to make of dessert bars and cookies which are set to grow 7.3% in 5 years

Your trends for 2022

Which trends are you most excited about incorporating into your life this year? Our programs help students build a strong culinary foundation. Explore our Culinary Arts Diploma or our Baking & Pastry Arts Diploma and see how our programs can give you the skills you need to succeed in your dream career. In-person cooking classes are an immersive learning experience led by professional chefs. Contact our admissions team at 1-800-416-4040 or in the Vancouver area at 604-734-4488 to learn more about our Diploma programs for domestic and international students