The Career Benefits Of a Professional Cooking Certificate from PICAchef

Discover the many career benefits of a professional cooking certificate. Contact our team to begin on your next culinary adventure.

Are you ready to take that next big step in your career? A professional cooking certificate opens a world of exciting options and opportunities for you. Whether you’re a high school student thinking about following your passion for food or an office employee considering a career change, the first step can make all the difference.

Let’s explore why our professional diploma cooking certificates offer the best foundation for a successful career in the culinary marketplace.

Hands-On Training Alongside Your Chef-Instructor

From the moment you enter your cooking course at PICAchef, you will train closely alongside a Chef-Instructor who has decades of kitchen leadership experience. At PICAchef, our Chef-Instructors are internationally experienced and interested in sharing their knowledge. With their background and expertise, they will help you master complex culinary techniques. You’ll also learn how to work more efficiently and expertly use each of the resources at your disposal when creating delicious and creative dishes. Beyond their skills and experience, each PICAchef faculty member shares a love of the culinary world. Their passion shines in each element of their instruction and will inspire you to reach ever greater heights within your work.

Comprehensive Culinary and Business Training

Students taking courses through PICAChef receive comprehensive knowledge in every aspect of running a kitchen. In addition to learning the fine art of craftsmanship behind the latest food trends, you’ll also learn about menu budgeting. You will understand how to manage your inventory and reduce food waste. Gaining this level of diverse knowledge gives you the ideal launch pad for many different culinary careers, from sous-chef to restaurant manager to food stylist to food entrepreneur. The choice will be yours for the making.

Pathways to Further Education

If you wish to further explore your culinary potential after graduating from PICAchef with a professional diploma program, you can have your choice of attending some leading worldwide educational institutions. The school has a number of articulation agreements with a select group of universities and colleges in Canada and Europe. As a result, PICAchef graduates can get their bachelor's degrees in less time and at a lower cost compared with graduates of other cooking programs. Upon completing your cooking certification, international students can earn their bachelor's degree at one of our partner institutions in as little as two years!

Excellent Networking Opportunities

The love of the culinary world binds our students and faculty, so there’s no better way to make a culinary connection than by earning your professional certification with PICAchef. You’ll meet the students who have travelled across the globe and from different parts of Canada to study at our Vancouver based culinary school. With our 25-year history in the industry, you have access to an alumni network of over 4000 connections across the globe.

Train on State-of-The-Art Equipment

Students will train using the latest equipment designed to improve efficiency in the kitchen. Our facility features eight fully equipped professional commercial kitchens, where students can hone their craft and simulate real-world scenarios. In our kitchens, you’ll train on state of the art equipment to gain experience and to prepare you for a rewarding career in food.

Direct Career Guidance

If you’re unsure about the next step in your culinary adventure, you’ll receive direct career guidance from Chefs with real-world experience and our dedicated Student Services department help you decide on a career path that is most suited to your interests.

Begin Your Culinary Journey with PICAchef

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts offers a broad selection of cooking courses for the proactive, forward-thinking culinary student. From our One-Year Grand Diploma to the 6-month Baking and Pastry Arts program, we present students with many educational possibilities. With multiple intakes throughout the year, you can decide when would be the best time for you to explore your options. To get started on Culinary today, take the first step by contacting our Admissions team.