Start on the Path to Your Own Bakery with Baking School Courses

Discover the path to creating your dream bakery. You'll learn how baking courses help in the transition from the training kitchen to the top roles in the baking industry.

You’re a skilled baker. Your friends and family go wild for your croissants, puff pastries, and danishes. Now, your dream is to one day open your own bakery and offer your delicious creations to the world. First, you’ll need to hone your craft and learn the nuances of the Canadian baking industry.

Baking school courses present the perfect opportunity to enhance your baking techniques and learn from the best chef-instructors in the field. Let’s review how baking courses can help you on the path to opening your own bakery.

Enhance Your Palate Range

One of the leading benefits of starting a baking course is the opportunity to enhance your palate range. On your baking course, you’ll learn from chef instructors with decades of experience in the baking world.

You’ll discover new techniques and ways of using familiar ingredients in your baked creations. You’ll also benefit from learning alongside students from around the globe, each of whom will have a unique way of preparing baked goods to help you expand your understanding of baking and its potential.

Refine Your Pastry Skills

The greatest bakery brands are founded upon an unparalleled knowledge of pastry and their team’s ability to perfect popular pastries in various forms and styles. In your baking school course, you’ll learn to create flaky, delicious filo pastries. You’ll discover how to work with choux pastry to master profiteroles. Baking school students can also hone their grasp of short-crust pastry, for consistently crisp and mouth-watering pies and quiches.

Learn the Business Side of Baking

Your ability to bake and attract customers with the quality of your food is just one (albeit very important) element of running a successful bakery. The business side of baking is an area covered within the market’s top baking courses. For example, you’ll discover how to do an ingredient cost analysis and how to cater events as part of PICAchef’s 6-month Baking and Pastry Arts program.

Program students also learn to photograph and style their creations for marketing purposes. You’ll take your food from the oven to the display case and explore the many sides of effective bake shop branding.

Explore the Baking Trends

There are familiar classics in bake shops across Canada, and then there are the newest trends that can transform your bakery into a must-visit stop for locals and tourists. Taking a baking course offers insight into how the latest trends in baking have developed.

Whether it’s spicy baked goods or street food-inspired desserts, knowing the trends taking the marketplace by storm can help you quickly scale your business when it comes time to open your own bakery.

Learn Regulatory Safety

Baking courses taught by experienced instructors give you a clear insight into regulatory safety and the value of careful preparation. Within your course, you’ll learn more about food temperatures and the techniques for preparing each ingredient according to the highest Canadian safety standards. Learning these safety steps now will make it easier for you to complete the steps within your own bake shop and to train your team on the latest regulations when your business develops.

PICAchef is Canada’s Leading Baking School

Get the perfect start on your journey to bakeshop ownership at PICAchef. From our small class sizes to our comprehensive curriculum, each element of our training is built for the ultimate learning experience. We’re here to help you every step of your educational journey! To learn more about our baking course options, contact our Admissions team today!