Spotlight on Former Student Juan Carlos Gomez

Former student Juan Carlos Gomez has opened his own pop-up shop selling breads and pastries people line up for.

Students from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts often embark on exciting careers and making an impact in their communities. One alumni, Juan Carlos Gomez, is living his dream in Chelsea, Quebec. Gomez, who is better known as Paco to his friends and customers, has opened a pop-up shop selling breads and pastries to the local community and warming hearts in the process. 

Former Student Living His Dream as Artisan Bakery Owner

A CTV News story reports that Gomez is a former banker turned artisan baking entrepreneur. Opening a shop in January 2021, he is selling out on weekends and there is usually a waiting list for his famous sourdough bread. 

Gomez is focused on producing quality croissants, danishes, pastries, and breads. “...the product is number one. I don’t want to be a businessman, I want to be an artisan,” he says in an interview with CTV News. Customers are impressed with the craftsmanship of his pastries and his customer service. They keep coming back for more. There is often a long line-up waiting to purchase his delights.

The decision to go to the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts was the right one for Gomez. He says, “...I get to do what I love and be able to make a living with it. I think that’s the ultimate dream.” 

Graduates Make an Impact

Graduates from the professional diploma programs at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver are very passionate about the food they create. Exposure to different culinary styles, to ingredients from around the world, and a fostering of creativity build the foundation for students to make their mark in the culinary world. 

About the Baking and Pastry Arts Diploma

This full-time professional diploma program is six months long. The program can also be combined with the six-month Culinary Arts program for one year of study. Students begin their training with measuring and scaling techniques, kitchen terminology and launch their practical skill training in artisan breads, pastry dough and batters, cookies, cakes, fillings, dessert sauces, and chocolate. Students also learn food safety & sanitation, food styling & photography, entrepreneurship, food and beverage operations management, and current culinary trends for a well-rounded education. 

Interested in Attending?

The program has intakes four times per year with small classes, dedicated Chef Instructors, and eight professional kitchens with state-of-the-art equipment. Contact us to request more information on our professional diploma programs.

Photo credit: Low Down to Hull and Back News photo