Canada’s Best New Restaurants | Enroute Magazine

#3  Bar Von Der Fels  Calgary

So proud to see PICA alum chef Eric Hendry starring on the cover of November’s Enroute Magazine that announces the top 10 best new restaurants in Canada!

"The restaurants that make the Top 10 are those that truly stand out for quality ingredients, smart service, stunning locations and chefs with a vision – the stuff that great meals, and great memories, are made of."

Here are some delicious quotes from the article:

"I haven’t crushed this hard on a wine bar in ages. “You’re going to swoon right out of your chair if you’re not careful,” one of my oldest friends tells me between sips of a rosé from the Mosel. Owners Thomas Dahlgren and Will Trow must have felt a similar rush the first time they got a taste of what chef Eric Hendry was whipping up in their phone-booth-size kitchen.

Hendry, formerly of Model Milk, is an ace at deploying secret weapons. He adds a splash of fish sauce to the pea-shell jus that’s poured over blitzed edamame, cubed ham and fresh Okanagan peas. A Beach Angel oyster baked in its massive shell gets a spicy-salty-sour lift from yuzu koshu, this year’s trendiest condiment. What makes that glossy quenelle of squid-ink aioli such a deep shade of black? Activated charcoal, of course."  Continue reading article and watch video

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