Professional Programs

Our learning environments and training programs are built for your success. Professional diploma and certification programs provide you with in-depth knowledge and techniques that go beyond the kitchen — in six months, you could be ready for your dream career in the food and hospitality industry. 

Why Study with Us

Our intensive, hands-on programs prepare students for the culinary careers of their lives.

Through our Professional Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts diploma programs, students will learn, practice and master the techniques needed to work at any establishment or to discover other food-inspired positions that go beyond the kitchen doors. With small class sizes, personalized instruction and applied training in our eight professional kitchens, PICAchef graduates achieve a well-rounded education with all the right ingredients for a delicious career.

  1. Intense Hands-on Training
  2. In-class + Online Learning Modules
  3. Small Class Sizes with Personalized Attention
  4. Well-Rounded Curriculum: Classical Techniques with Modern Trends
  5. Chef-Owned & Operated
  6. Eight Professional Industry Kitchens with State of the Art Equipment
  7. An Internationally Trained & Experienced Faculty
  8. Career Guidance & Preparation
  9. Extensive Industry Contacts & Networking Opportunities
  10. Centrally Located & Situated by Vancouver’s World-Famous Granville Island Food Market

Flexible AM or PM Schedules

Low Student to Chef-Instructor Ratio

Chef Owned & Operated

Alumni Testimonials

Riya Sharma
Going to PICA for the Baking and Pastry Program was the best 6 months of my life! I made some life-long connections with my peers and learned so much from the amazing chef instructors. It was great to get the basics down in foundations and then used those skills in advanced to be creative and explore with your own unique ideas! The classroom setting was great and it was amazing to bond over our love for food every day. I can't forget to mention how amazing all the staff are at PICA. I got to know everyone at the school and it was amazing to have some of the best people working at a school to help bring more amazing chefs into the industry! I only wish my time was longer at the school but I will always have so many fond memories of attending PICA 🩷 Thank you everyone at PICA for giving me the DREAM!

Rasna D.

Best year of my life. Everyone there is extremely nice and makes sure that you are learning everything you need and want. The skills and experience that you gain is unmatched whether it's in pastry or culinary because every instructor has something new to teach you. The small class size makes it easy for everyone to get to know each other and by the end of the program you are a strong team of Cooks and friends, I know I met some of my best friends there. I looked at other culinary schools before PICA and once I went for my interview and met with the admin, I knew this is where I needed to go to school. The knowledge they provided me with set me up for success in the industry and they went as far as helping me as job reference sand by checking in on where my search was at and recommending the best environments for me to work in.

Алексей "Alex" О.

I'm a one-year program alumni from PICA and I can say that it was probably the best year in my life. Before attending to Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts I did a massive research about culinary schools in BC and Canada overall. After completing the full program, I'm able to say that if you will attend it, the staff of PICA will invest lots of time and efforts in your educational process. Instructors are professional Chefs from all around the world who have enough experience, passion, knowledge and lots of humour to make the time which you will spend there unforgettable. Finally, this school has a really good reputation between chefs in Canada that makes the process with searching for a job after graduation much easier. In general, I would put 6 out of 5 if it would be possible! Thanks PICA for everything!

Kevin W.

I graduated from the 6-month program for Culinary Arts. It was truly a great experience. I had experience working in kitchens prior to the program but PICA allowed me to refine my skillset and explore more options for myself as a young growing chef in Vancouver. The school is great whether you have experience or not as long as you have a passion for creating food. As an alumnus, the school continues to provide work opportunities and continues to support alumni even though they have graduated.

Dave W.

The biggest lesson at PICA isn’t the technical skills you pick up – although they’re second to none - the biggest lesson is the attitudes the chef instructors inspire in their students; their ability to push you past your limits and leave you with the judgment and discipline to temper your own creativity.

Kimberly M.

I graduated the Dual-Diploma program which is 6 months Culinary Arts and 6 months Baking and Pastry Arts. Each program was very welcoming to all skill levels, the chef instructors are very friendly and with the small class sizes I was able to get the attention that I required. I will never forget PICA, I made so many great memories and had an amazing academic experience.

Sofia M.

My six months at PICA surpassed all types of expectations I had. Education quality is excellent. I feel like I grew not only in cooking but also as a person. The people I met influenced my life and made me a better person.

Andrea P.

Amazing experience, excellent professional Chefs that want to prepare you for the future. I have enjoyed every day of the last six months; thank you PICA!

Miki S.

Learning here was a wonderful privilege. I encourage anyone that has any doubts to forget them.


Unsure if you want a professional diploma or an undergraduate degree?  Thanks to our relationships with select universities and colleges across Canada and Europe, you can start studying now and decide later.

At Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, we have pathway articulation agreements with a select group of universities and colleges in Canada and Europe. With degree and diploma pathways, our students’ professional diplomas can be transferred to our partner schools to complete their Bachelor degrees in less time and at a lesser tuition cost. Students can also attain additional diplomas to complement and enhance their studies. Pathways offer our students the opportunity to achieve the advantages of possessing two credentials; a professional diploma and an undergraduate degree. International students can complete their BA degree in as little as two years of further study with our local partners. For more information contact a member of our Admissions team.