Corporate Team Building

Our Corporate Team Building classes are interactive and fun and will produce measurable results by:

  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Learning how to achieve objectives
  • Encouraging innovation and constructive feedback
  • Building trust and relationships and encouraging teamwork

We strive to make you event fun, memorable and – most importantly – results oriented.

Corporate cooking classes are available Monday to Saturday (excluding statutory holidays) in the morning, afternoon or evening and able to accommodate up to 60-70 participants.  There is a 20-person minimum for Saturday classes.


The Pressure Cooker (minimum 10 people)

In celebration of PICA's 20th Anniversary this year, we have created a new teambuilding event!

The Pressure Cooker is a competition with a heck of a twist. Teams are presented with a seemingly simple mystery dish they have to make (i.e. make a tuna melt sandwich, make a perfect caesar salad from scratch, serve up a beautiful birthday cake), and after ten minutes to discuss with their team, shop for everything they'll need for the dish in our special pantry.

Then the bidding starts, and the pressure is on!

Teams will be able to bid on some treacherous tasks to make their opponents' challenge that much harder. Whether it's forcing the opponent's team to use tin foil instead of all utensils to prep, or swapping their lovely baguette with vanilla cake, you'll have to decide how many points it's worth risking from your own score to bring theirs down! From there, teams then have 30 minutes to prepare their dishes (with another wrench or two thrown in) and then present the dish for tasting to a judge who'll have no idea what hijinks took place.

Not for the faint of heart, this challenge is for thrillseekers, sneaky saboteurs, and those who want to have a blast in the kitchen whilst breaking all the rules! The pressure cooker is about to explode... will you be victorious?

2-Hour Cooking Class (minimum 6 people)

Prepare a three- course menu under the direction of our professional Chef Instructor in a two-hour, hands-on class followed by lunch or dinner in Bistro 101 where you and your guests enjoy the 'fruits of your labour'.  All menus are custom-designed based on your preferences, seasonal ingredients, and your guests' dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.

Ask about our wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us. 

'Iron Chef' Challenge (minimum 10 people)

Our Iron Chef Challenge is a 45-minute competition where each team has 15 minutes to decide on the menu they will create with the mystery ingredient(s) in the 'black box'.  Teams then have 30 minutes to create their dish after which they present their finished product to a panel of judges who will determine which team is the victor.  After the challenge, the group will enjoy a three-course meal in our fine dining restaurant, prepared by our Advanced Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts students.

After the 1.5 hour challenge, you and your guests will enjoy a culinary feast at Bistro 101 (3 course lunch or dinner menu - Monday to Thursday or West Coast Buffet on Fridays) and receive a Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts apron.  Ask about our wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us. 

Chopped Challenge (minimum 12, maximum 24)

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts' Corporate 'Chopped' Challenge is a team cooking competition that's all about skill, speed and creativity where teams compete and take everyday items and turn them into a stupendous three-course meal. Course by course, the teams will be 'chopped' from the competition until only one team remains. 

Will you survive the 'chopping block'? 

After the 2-hour challenge,  you and your guests will enjoy a culinary feast at Bistro 101 (3 course lunch or dinner menu - Monday to Thursday or West Coast Buffet on Fridays).  Each competitor will receive a Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts' apron which they get to take home. The victorious team will also get to take home prizes! 

Plugged-In Tour of Granville Island 

Discover the secrets of produce, meat and fish selection with our professional Chef Instructor on our Plugged-In tour of Granville Island Public Market.  Then return to the Institute and enjoy a gourmet meal in Bistro 101.

Contact our corporate department at 604-734-4488 or to book your next corporate team-building event.