Student Testimonials

David Y. Baking & Pastry Arts

PICA has been a great stepping stone into the hospitality industry. The Chefs really push for excellence in all of their students. PICA has become a home for the past six months.

Jennifer C. Culinary Arts

PICA combines a thorough culinary education with valuable real world kitchen skills! What a great program for preparing students to enter the culinary workforce.

Sofia M. Culinary Arts

My six months at PICA surpassed all types of expectations I had. Education quality is excellent. I feel like I grew not only in cooking but also as a person. The people I met influenced my life and made me a better person.

Dave W. 1 Year Culinary/Baking & Pastry Arts

The biggest lesson at PICA isn’t the technical skills you pick up – although they’re second to none - the biggest lesson is the attitudes the chef instructors inspire in their students; their ability to push you past your limits and leave you with the judgment and discipline to temper your own creativity.

Kari R., September 1-Year Culinary/Baking & Pastry Arts

I can’t thank PICA enough for my experience here. This has been one of fastest, most amazing years of my life.