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Basics in 8: A Baking & Pastry Skill Building Series (Fall 2016)

$1,200.00 + 5% GST
Classes & Ingredients/Materials, Apron, Full Binder of Recipes and Lessons From Every Class, Reusable PICA Cloth Tote Bag
Attendees must be 16 years of age or older; no prior baking experience required!

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Thank you for your interest. This class is now sold out.

If you would like to be added to a wait list, please email us at with your name, phone number and number of participants.

DATES:  September 24, October 1, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 19, 26

TIME:  10AM - 2PM

FEES:  $1200 + GST

NOTE: Upon completion of this class, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and T2202A.

If there’s one word to describe baking & pastry arts, it’s this: precise.

Whether it’s scaling ingredients, folding batters, or piping fine details and decorations, precision is a key factor to a fantastic finished product. By mastering techniques, learning some insider tips and tricks, and practising your skill, you can develop your own precision and learn the fundamentals of baking & pastry in this 8-Saturday introductory course.

Adapted from our Professional Baking & Pastry Arts program, this hands-on series is designed for those wishing to refine their pastry skills at home or in their career.

Session 1 - The Art of Bread Making
Learn the fundamentals of fermentation, the traditional method of bread baking, various mixing, shaping and scoring techniques, and incorporating inclusions into your dough.

Session 2 - Layers & Folds: Laminated Doughs
From flaky croissants to crisp palmiers and everything in between, laminated doughs are a go-to staple in every café and bakery. In this class, you’ll learn how to make them at home! Discover the different types of laminated doughs, as well as the methods of folding, shaping, filling and baking.

Session 3 - Much A-Dough About Muffin: Quickbreads
Chemical leavening, mixing methods, and even some gluten free options will be discussed and made in this session. Whether it’s a moist muffin or a buttery scone, sweet or savoury, master the perfect base and gain insight into flavour combinations for these tasty treats.
Session 4 - Batter Up! Mix, Pipe, & Bake
With a spatula in one hand and a piping bag in the other, you will be introduced to batters such as pâte a chouxand meringue, perfect for bite-sized nibbles or party-sized desserts alike!

Session 5 – Custards & Creams
Whether used as a standalone dessert or a versatile filling, custards and creams are a definite crowd-pleaser, perfect for your next party or dinner. With techniques and insider secrets from our chefs, learn how to cook your sauces creamy & curdle free, and bake off your custards to jiggly perfection!

Session 6 – A Slice of the Action: Pies & Tarts
What’s the difference between a pie and a tart? Learn that and more in this introductory class! Different doughs, mixing methods, types of fillings, and simple decorative techniques will be shown.

Session 7 – Ready, Set... Bake Off! An Introduction to Cakes & Tortes
Mixing, baking, cooling, splitting, filling and finishing. This class introduces you to the basic techniques of cake-baking and will include tips and tricks to making each one a success every single time.

Session 8 - The Finishing Touch
Learn how creating a feast for the eyes is just as impactful as a feast for one’s palate. With plating techniques and tips, your chef instructor will teach you how to create delicious, eye-catching garnishes and decorations for every dessert, tying everything you’ve learned together in this final class.