Bernard Mouze

Special Events & Support Faculty
There is nothing more gratifying than sharing our knowledge with the next generation; it is like keeping alive the Olympic flame forever. Cooking is not a job; cooking is an art and like any other kind of art, it has to be shared with others. It is for this reason that I decided to join Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.
  • Chef Bernard was born in Normandy, France where he completed his apprenticeship at Hotel de l’Ouest before heading to Switzerland.  

  • In 1978 he moved to Canada and spent time in Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna and then 4 years in Vancouver as Sous Chef at The Teahouse in Stanley Park. 

  • Upon his return to France, he took on the role of Executive Chef of Le Bellevue restaurant near Toulouse. 

  • In 2000 he returned to Vancouver as Kitchen Manager at the William Tell prior to joining our team in September of 2003. 

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