Summertime Treats at Bakery 101!

The sun is out, skies are blue, and Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts' Bakery 101 has the tastiest treats of the season! 

Granville Island is by far one of Vancouver's most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike, and our location right at its doorstep gives us a front row seat to all the action here! From the greenest produce to the freshest catch of the day, our students and chefs not only have access to the best ingredients... it also means we can provide them to YOU and all of our guests!

Here's what we've got in store for you:

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy

Our fruit salad cups are back! After a break for the winter, fruits are back in season and so they've returned to our shelves, ready and waiting for you. Made fresh daily with a rotating variety of seasonal fruit, it's a nice, light snack to have at any time of day.

Along with our year-round available yogurt & granola cups, the fresh fruit cups are packable, stackable, and perfect for your next Granville Island picnic or outing.

You can snag these cups on their own for $4.75 or $7.75 paired with a salad or sandwich - the perfect summer lunch!



I'll Go Wherever You Will Go

Next up is our brand new PICA Travel Cake! With its own special carrying box, this cake means that you or your loved ones can take a piece of PICA with you on your travels! It's made specifically to travel well - even at room temperature - and in fact, this Chocolate Almond Grand Marnier Cake improves when you give it a few days to rest!

It can easily serve 10-12 (or, you know, one voracious chocoholic) and is available for only $22. We do need 48 hours notice for this cake, so be sure to contact us in advance if you're wanting one. Whether you're going back home, or visiting someplace new, this cake makes the perfect gift - we promise it won't beep through the X-Ray! 


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream!

Our biggest (and perhaps best) news of all is that we're now selling homemade, delicious, freshly churned ice cream! Made in small batches, we currently have Blueberry Ripple and Dark Chocolate available, with new and rotating flavours to come (and rumour has it, sorbet isn't that far behind...). These half-pints are available for $4.75 each at our Bakery, so come on in and grab one (or three, we don't judge). 

We also now serve affogatos! For only $3, our Nespresso shot gets poured over delectable vanilla ice cream. These treats are the perfect soothing balm to hot summer days!


All of these treats are available at Bakery 101 along with our regular rotation of fresh breads, viennoisserie, desserts and confections! We're open 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays, holidays, and long weekends) - and you can always call us in advance at 604.734.4488 to place any orders or to check what we've got in stock.

We look forward to having you visit us!