Opening Doors: Why PICA's Professional Program Is The Best Fit For You

Opening DoorsPacific Institute of Culinary Arts is not the first culinary school on the scene, nor will it be the last, but I can tell you with certainty that our program is truly unique in the experience it provides to its students. Our six month diploma programs in Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts are divided into two distinct sections - the training side, and the advanced side. While the first three months are spent setting up the building blocks of their education, the latter half of the program is designed specifically to emulate the industry many of them will dive straight into upon graduation.


Pica professional doorsAt PICA's own Bistro 101students create, cook, bake, and serve everything for the public. Open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Friday, the bistro gives our students real world experience of every aspect in the restaurant, from front of house service to preparing entrées and desserts to order. Similarly, Bakery 101, our casual café, provides our students with the opportunity to work in a bakery atmosphere, with fresh breads, viennoiserie, soups and sandwiches grilled to order, and more. These two aspects of our program - coupled with our ever-busy Granville Island location - means that no two days are alike. Some days, they may have regular service. Other days, they could be putting together a menu for a 100-person stand up reception, or perhaps a 200-guest wedding! By creating a fine balance of activities, our students' experience is an extremely well-rounded one, and this not only equips them for the rigours of the real world, but also helps them fine-tune their interests and passions within such a broad industry.


ProgramPerhaps the most fantastic part of our students' stay at PICA are the countless opportunities and events they can participate in which are above and beyond the norm. Everything from feeding 500 servings of soup during Dine Out Vancouver to working behind the scenes at a live television segment or catering an epic film viewing event - there's always something going on in the culinary world, and our students get to be a part of it all! These events not only keep them abreast of who's who and what's what in Vancouver's culinary scene, it also opens doors for them to work with celebrated chefs and restaurants, and get their name out there. By forging these relationships now, our students may very well have doors wide open and waiting for them as soon as they graduate... not only locally, but sometimes even nationally or internationally!

With four intakes a year, a six month intensive program, and both morning and evening class schedule options, our diploma programs are sure to have a schedule that fits you. The opportunities beyond are endless. As they say, after all, the world is your oyster, and it's up to you to decide what to do next.

So let me ask you... What are you waiting for?


Above Right: Students with Chef David Hawksworth, assisting him at the HYCS © Jeff Vinnick
Above Left: Students and chefs with visiting Michelin-starred Chef Christian Etienne from Avignon, after a reception for 100 guests
Lower Right: Culinary student Patricia with Chef Rob Feenie at last Friday's Big Night 2015