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What's New at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts > Meet Georg Riedel (at PICA) on May 26, 2010 and Have a "Spiritual" Awakening

Meet Georg Riedel (at PICA) on May 26, 2010 and Have a "Spiritual" Awakening

by Scout Magazine, posted on May 13, 2010

The Legendary Georg Riedel will be leading a tasting of malt whisky, cognac and tequila using Riedelís spirit specific glasses at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

Tasters will be able to compare the taste of the 3 spirits in standard glassware and the Riedel glassware. George, a Master of his craft, will explain how glassware can greatly enhance the flavour and enjoyment of all spirits and how the Riedel family figured it all out.

A limited number of tickets are available at $50. The cost of admission includes three glasses to take away. The tasting will run from 2.15-4.15, on Wednesday, May 26.

Tickets are available on line: www.bchospitalityfoundation.com/blog/spiritual-awakening-georg-riedel

All proceeds from this event will benefit the BC Hospitality Foundation. The BCHF provides support to Hospitality Industry people in times of critical medical need and provides scholarships to the industryís next generation. More information is available at www.bchospitalityfoundation.com.

The Riedel tasting is being sponsored in part by Riedel and the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. For more information call Alan Sacks at 604-984-8649 or asacks@bchospitalityfoundation.com.